CHG Connect

The Courtleigh Hotel Group (CHG) is introducing its CHG Connect virtual and hybrid meeting packages for business forums as well as leisure and family events.


CHG Connect, which involves a combination of streaming packages, meeting/conference services and meal delivery plans, is our answer to a changing world that has brought about a changing travel and hospitality industry.


The COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in social distancing and lockdowns resulted in a temporary but still ongoing suspension of in-person meetings both in business and everyday life. But we are looking beyond the current situation.


What will the world look like as the pandemic comes to an end and what can we expect in the more distant future when it comes to how people meet?


The travel experts anticipate an environment of hesitancy regarding large in-person meetings but on the positive side, they also expect that many of the convenient virtual services that came out of the pandemic will remain in demand.


There are people who will be excited to get together again but others will prefer staying home for business meetings and some will prefer to avoid long trips to weddings and reunions. The answer to this new reality from a customer service perspective is to cater to both groups.


“If anything positive has come from the lockdowns it is that businesses are offering their clients more options, more solutions, and we are no exception,” explained Nicola Madden-Greig, CHG’s director of marketing and sales. “We have seen clients who are eager to return to the old normal of face-to-face interaction but we are also seeing those who have embraced the new normal of virtual forums and events.”




The hybrid approach to meetings is a solution for all concerned. Essentially this is a combination of person to person interactions with virtual participants. People in attendance will be able to interact with those who are not physically present.


This concept can extend from business forums, conferences, training exercises, seminars, product launches, end-of-year messages and webinars to weddings, anniversaries, reunions and parties.


“This is a great solution for us in many ways.” said (client). “We are able to satisfy the conference attendants who want to attend our seminars and those who would prefer to do it from their home or office or wherever they may be. This has a positive impact on participation as those who may have not been willing to physically attend may be open to virtual participation.”




Our CHG Connect packages will provide all the necessary services and support for both virtual meetings which are the current norm and hybrid meetings which are becoming the way forward.


Choose your meeting area from a variety of attractive venues within our hotels. Book your event with our streaming package and enjoy special rates from our partners.


We offer one camera and two-camera streaming services.


These streaming packages also include:

  • Screen
  • Projector Remote
  • Presenter
  • PA System
  • 42" Monitor for the presenter
  • Laptop



In addition to our enticing meal packages in our hotels we can also provide food and beverage deliveries to the virtual participants if they are within the Kingston metropolitan area. It is all in keeping with the CHG Connect theme.

These deliveries include lunch, dinner, coffee break or cocktail packages.


You may be physically separated from each other but the combination of convenient streaming services with mobile meal plans will help create a feeling of togetherness among both in-person and virtual participants.

“We have been accustomed to a high level of service at the CHG’s hotels for many years when it comes to our meetings and events,” (client) affirmed. “But now we can extend that service into offices and homes and we find that so exciting. Who wouldn’t look forward to a CHG meal in the comfort of the personal space you’re accustomed to?”

Welcome to the new world.